How to Style Coated Jeans

How to Style Coated Jeans

An instant style staple that adds a touch of glam to any look, women’s coated jeans and leather trousers bring an impactful look to your wardrobe. From classic slim-fit black wax-coated jeans to bootcut jeans with statement shimmer, explore the best leather-coated jeans and women’s leather trousers with Trilogy.

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What are Coated Jeans?

Coated jeans are finished with a waxy coating that adds an elevated touch to a standard pair of jeans. The coating gives a smarter finish and can imitate the look of faux leather and leather look trousers with a slightly shiny finish.

What’s the Difference Between Leather Trousers and Coated Jeans? 

Often, there’s a discrepancy between coated jeans and leather trousers. Black coated jeans, sometimescalled leather-look jeans, are made from denim and finished in a waxy,stretch fabric. Coated denim is a popular trouser style, as it gives you the comfort of wearing a pair of jeans, with the elevated, dressier look of leather trousers. As the waxy coating is a layer added to the outside of the jeans, the denim maintains its shape and stretch but will fit as a jean usually does. The coating also gives a 'leather look' at a lower price point that's easier to care for, making them a popular choice for elevated daywear.

Leather trousers tend to be comprised of 100% soft and supple leather. Sculpting and stylish, the premium natural leather tends to be very soft and stretchy, for a polished look that's superlatively comfortable. As leather fabric composition tends to be very soft and stretchy, with many customers preferring to size down. Generally, women’s leather trousers will have more of a shiny finish.

How Should Coated Jeans Fit?

How Should Coated Jeans Fit?

Like all denim, coated jeans should fit snugly at the waist without causing discomfort or digging in. There should be no bagginess or gathered fabric around the front or back pockets, and you shouldn't have to keep pulling them up. Like all jeans, they will relax to your body shape slightly with wear, so if they feel slightly tight this shouldn't be a problem, as long as they aren't uncomfortably so.

Women’s coated jeans can occasionally come up slightly smaller than regular jeans, depending on the brand and style, as the coating can make them a bit less malleable or stretchy. This isn't always the case, so we’d always suggest trying on a pair of coated jeans before you buy them, and consult the size and fit information before purchasing online.

If you need more guidance or style advice to find the best jeans for you, why not visit one of our London stores? To book a bespoke denim consultation with our denim experts, click here.

How Should Coated Jeans Feel?

Depending on the leg shape you choose, coated jeans should fit snugly but feel comfortable. Coated jeans shouldn't feel any different to regular jeans if you're wearing the right size, and most of the coated jeans we stock will contain a percentage of stretch for a comfortable feel.

Coated Jeans for Women: Trilogy’s Favourite Fits

Shop our favourite fits of women’s coated jeans below. Our collection of women’s leather and coated jeans includes must-have designer styles for the season, including Paige Jeans and FRAME.

Black Coated Cargo Jeans

Black Coated Cargo Jeans

With a modern, relaxed style, these black coated cargos add a polished feel to casual, cool outfits. Easy to dress up or down, add a touch of utilitarian chic to your wardrobe, complete with an easy mid-rise for all-day comfort.

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Coated Wide Leg Jeans

Coated Wide Leg Jeans

Bring all the glam and sparkle with these dazzling coated wide leg jeans. In a dazzling pink shade, these are season must-haves, with a flattering wide leg and mid-to-high rise for comfort and stretch.

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Coated Straight Leg Jeans

Coated Straight Leg Jeans

With just the right amount of stretch and hold, these black coated straight leg jeans are versatile and stylish. With a close-fitting design that crops on the ankle, day wear and partywear just got easier with the Cindy straight.

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Leather Straight Leg Trousers

Leather Wide Flared Trousers

Made from 100% leather for a soft, supple fit and feel, these leather wide leg trousers are a sophisticated style statement. With a striking silhouette, the premium leather fabric makes for a truly comfortable fit for effortless everyday wear.

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Leather Straight Leg Trousers

Leather Straight Leg Trousers

With a chic cropped fit, these straight leg leather trousers are sleek, stylish, and easy to style. Perfect for sophisticated daywear or a luxe evening look evening luxe, this style is finished with a chic cropped ankle.

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What to Wear with Coated Jeans: Outfit Ideas and Inspiration 

Feel inspired and discover some of the best coated jeans outfits from Trilogy.

What to Wear with Leather Trousers

Women’s leather trousers come in a number of styles and fit and instantly bring an elegant feel to your winter wardrobe. Women’s leather trousers are a statement piece for sophisticated daywear, making it effortless to style with capsule essentials. Pair leather trousers with a bright roll-neck jumper and heeled boots for workwear or a smart tasteful look.

Make a statement with coated leather look trousers in a bootcut fit for a chic and sculpted look, creating a dramatic silhouette that instantly elevates traditional trouser style. Play with sumptuous textures and style leather look trousers with an embellished cami, silk blend velvet blouse or statement jacket for a touch of glam in the party season.

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What to Wear with Coated Jeans

Coated jeans come in various styles and fits. From classic slim fit black coated jeans to coated bootcuts in muted neutral tones to silver coated flares for extra sparkle. Coated jeans tend to be a classic evening option, and instantly look sleek and stylish with a classic silk blouse. Alternatively, bring a party-ready look to your coated jeans outfits with a statement sequinned shirt or glittery top.

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Styling Black Coated Skinny Jeans

Pair slim fit coated jeans with a cashmere jumper, boots and a boxy wool coat for an understated look that’s chic, cosy and stylish. For a dressier ensemble, pair black coated slim jeans with a long-sleeved blouse and heels for an evening look that makes a statement.

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What Shoes to Wear with Coated Jeans

When accessorising coated denim in the daytime, opt for a winter boot or loafer for a modern, chic look. For an evening outfit with coated jeans, opt for a heeled court boot or strappy heel for an elegant silhouette that makes an impact.

Want more style advice and inspiration? Read our denim style guide for the latest style stories and updates.

How to Care for Coated Jeans: FAQ

How Do You Maintain Coated Jeans?

The best option for cleaning and maintaining coated jeans is an occasional dry clean, as this can minimise excess wear on the coating to make your denim last as long as possible. While we always discourage over-washing jeans, this is particularly important with coated denim in order to maintain the coating for as long as possible. If marked, spot-clean your coated jeans with water where possible, and make sure to always wash inside out if you do wash them.

Can You Wash Coated Jeans?

Though we recommend dry cleaning for best results, most brands state that their coated denim is machine washable. As with all jeans, machine wash at as cool a temperature as possible (30 degrees max), on a gentle cycle. Avoid heat when drying and don't tumble dry, dry over a radiator or iron your coated jeans. Always check the product care notes when buying coated jeans online.

How Often Should You Wash Coated Jeans?

You should wash coated jeans occasionally, and unlike leather trouser which needs professional cleaning, you can do so in the washing machine. If you do machine wash, do so inside-out, as little as possible to maintain the coating. Always use a gentle cool wash setting. However, we would always recommend dry cleaning for the best possible results and to ensure your coated jeans last as long as possible.

How Do You Get Wrinkles Out of Waxed Jeans? 

Do not use an iron on your jeans (coated or otherwise) to avoid unnecessary wear on the fibres from the excess heat.

How to Clean Wax-coated Jeans?

You can wash wax-coated jeans in the washing machine. If you do machine wash, do so inside-out, as little as possible to maintain the coating. Always use a gentle cool wash setting. However, we would always recommend dry cleaning for the best possible results and to ensure your coated jeans last as long as possible.

Can I Put Coated Jeans in the Tumble Dryer?

Do not put coated denim in the tumble dryer as this can wear the fibres and lead to shrinkage.

Can You Iron Coated Jeans?

No, the excess heat is not good for any jeans and will prematurely damage the fibres.

Do Coated Jeans Stretch?

Coated jeans shouldn't stretch out any more than normal denim. They will need an occasional wash to maintain their shape after repeated wear. Alternatively, you can place them in the freezer for a day or so for a quick refresh and reshape.