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Knitwear Buyer’s Guide

Snug, soft and sophisticated, luxury women’s knitwear continues to dominate the winter wardrobe. The perfect layer for wrapping up as the nights draw in, luxe knitwear has transcended fleeting trends to become a style staple.

From a classic black polo neck to your favourite go-to cardigan and everything in between, we offer pieces from some of the top women's designer knitwear brands in the UK. Trilogy feature some of the top women’s designer knitwear brands in the UK. With staples from Vince, FRAME and more, update your wardrobe and explore our luxe knitwear you'll reach for time and time again.

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designer knitwear
designer knitwear

What styles of knitwear are there?

Cable knit jumpers

Cable knit jumpers

As timeless as it is recognisable, the cable knit is a failsafe for any winter wardrobe. Perfect for colder days and comprised of thick, intertwined soft yarn, a cable knit jumper offers a comfortable, unbeatably warm layer to keep you cosy all day long. Initially designed to protect you from the elements, this designer knitwear style celebrates the art of knitting with a traditional Aran cable knit pattern.

A woven knit pattern like no other, a cable knit sweater features all-over patterning and a crew neck. Cable knit sweaters are forever popular in muted tones such as oatmeal and navy, and are the perfect pairing with light wash denim jeans or black skinnies and boots.

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Cashmere knitwear
<3>Cashmere knitwear

Crafted with care from fine, soft wool fibres from cashmere goats, cashmere yarn is one of the most exclusive knitwear materials, and with good reason. Luxury cashmere knitwear is as luxurious as it is long lasting, irresistibly soft, lightweight and warm, The wool fibres that are used to make cashmere clothing are finer and softer than sheep wool, which by comparison, is thicker and coarser. Cashmere knitwear fibres are sourced from a specific breed of goat with gleaming, glossy coats that have developed to withstand the cold temperatures of the Himalayas.

With fantastic insulating properties and a lightweight feel, luxury cashmere knitwear is unbeatably soft and lightweight, offering breathable comfort all day long. Women’s cashmere knitwear is definitely an investment thanks to its superior properties, but it's worth every penny and can last a lifetime if cared for properly. With luxurious softness from the first ever wear, you’ll never look back.

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Rollneck jumpers

Roll neck jumpers

A roll neck jumper is a must-have for every winter wardrobe. Resemblant of 60s style and flattering for everyone, a roll neck can instantly smarten your look for a luxe, smooth finish. They are easy to dress up for work or down for a smart-casual look as the perfect layering item. Roll neck jumpers are often style staples, and the ever-popular black roll neck jumper has particularly stood the test of time. Sharp, stylish and chic, roll neck jumpers feature a flattering design and are the perfect - if not absolutely necessary - addition to any designer knitwear collection.

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Oversized chunky knits

Oversized chunky knits

Laid-back meets luxe with the much-loved, versatile oversized chunky knit. A staple go-to in the winter months, an oversized designer sweater is a must-have for cold days. The perfect throw-on layer, a chunky knit will bring cosy chic to any outfit, for ultimate comfort without compromising on style. Opt for a block colour chunky knit with coated jeans for an evening look or keep it casual at home with your favourite sweatpants for a night in.

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How to style knitwear

Best knitwear styles for the office

Knitted vests are perfect for layering over shirts, and are ideal for the changing season as days start to get warmer. Pair with a t-shirt for more laid back days. Stylish, soft, and designed for all-day wear, designer knitted vests are a go-to for the working week.

Best knitwear styles for formal occasions

Freshen up your formal knitwear collection with structured knits. Tailored for a stand-out look which is still flattering and feminine, it’s all about the detail. Structured knitwear brings a unique splash of personality, style and sophistication to any occasion, harking back to dramatic looks of the 80s.

Best knitwear styles for a laid-back look

A relaxed cardigan is perfect for chill, cosy days at home. Opt for pastel colours for a stylish touch. Easy to layer and perfect with denim for everyday wear or a chill weekend, instantly elevate your look with a cardigan for soft, snug style.

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Best knitwear for comfort

Nothing says comfort like an oversized cashmere sweater! Made from beautifully soft and delicate wool fibres, wrap up in cosy warm cashmere jumper for unbeatable comfort that lasts all day long.

Best knitwear for a luxe look and feel

Timeless and easy to style, nothing says elegance like a simple black knitted jumper. For a stylish look that feels as good as it looks, pair with a pencil skirt and heels or coated jeans and heeled boots.

How to wear KNITWEAR with jeans

How to wear


with jeans

How to style jeans with an oversized knit

How to style jeans with an oversized knit

Pair your oversized knit with a pair of skinny jeans for an easy, versatile everyday look.

How to style jeans with a cardigan

You can’t go wrong with blue relaxed denim jeans paired with a cardigan. Opt for straight leg jeans or boyfriend jeans.

How to style jeans with a roll-neck jumper

A relaxed coated jean is a simple way to elevate your knitwear. Create a stylish cold weather look with ease with these Paige Mayslie coated jeans.

How to style jeans with a crew neck jumper

Pair your crew neck jumper with any shade of straight denim for two classic styles that compliment each other well.

How to style jeans with a V-neck jumper

Pair a v neck jumper with a black bootcut jean or coated style for sleek evening looks that can work with heels or boots.

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Designer knitwear


What to look for in designer knitwear

Designer knitwear should be made from a high quality, superior material and made to last. Avoid synthetic fabrics as they don't last as long as superior fabrics such as designer cashmere or organic cotton. Synthetic fabrics or poor quality materials tend to be far less soft, trap odour and lack breathability, which can compromise your comfort if you’re wearing your knitwear all day.

What are the benefits of wearing cashmere?

Wearing cashmere has plenty of benefits - as a superior fabric that's both strong and durable, cashmere is warmer than most wool while still remaining lightweight. Completely natural and wonderfully soft, the naturally robust fibres make the perfect material for a long-lasting, luxe look and feel.

How should cashmere feel?

Cashmere knitwear should feel soft with no scratchiness, as well as being lightweight and warm. The strong, natural wool fibres offer unsurpassable comfort that offer breathability with natural moisture wicking properties.

Is cashmere good for sensitive skin?

Natural fibres are best for sensitive skin. Cashmere is one of the best natural materials for clothing. Avoid synthetic fibres if you have sensitive skin, and aim for organically sourced materials wherever possible.

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